Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My E-Portfolio of the 7th Grade

This year many things happened.  Some were good and some were bad.  Let's talk about what happened.

Beginning of the year- 
Colts started Andrew Luck, a new era for the colts.
I switched rooms in my house.
Ohio State football went undefeated.
I switched from Algebra to Pre-Algebra since I struggled and wanted to redo Pre-Algebra.
We started bringer computers home for the first time.
I played football and basketball.  The first time I played two sports in a few years.
I broke my finger.

Middle of the year-
We had to do a Google Earth project over Charles Dickens
We went on a field trip to Amish Acres
Christmas happened.
I got an iPhone for Christmas
Ravens won the Super Bowl
Notre Dame went to the national championship and got blown out by Alabama

End of the year-
I went to Ohio for spring break
Louisville won the men's basketball championship
The Boston Bombings happened.
Tornadoes in Oklahoma let loose destroying a lot of homes and cities.
I went to my 3rd Indy 500.

Who did I hang out with this year-
This year I hung out with many people. Here are the main people-Cainin,Rodney,Gustavo,Tyler 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge #6


I am doing my post over Facebook today.  If you know, facebook has quite a bit a privacy settings.  The settings are to keep stalkers, creepers, maybe people you don't like away from your profile.  On Facebook you put quite a bit of information on it.  You put your age, phone number, email, city you live in, and interests.  Just never put your address.  Put the weird thing is is that people you don't even know can track your address back from all of that.  There are many weird people out there willing to take their time tracking you down.  So recently I put more settings on so people can't track me down.  

          I never knew that you can mark certain people down that can look at your profile, send friend requests, send you messages, or people that can look you up by phone number or email.  So I marked some people down.  There was always these couple people that had no information or picture and always send me messages asking me to date or something.  There was sometimes people that had unrealistic profile pic and talked to me.  Sometimes I would ask them what city they lived in and they would not tell meI know then that I shouldn't be talking to them.  You can always block somebody also.  It automatically removes them off of your friend's list and they can't look up your profile.  So if you feel that you need to make sure people can't check your your profile, you might want to check these settings out.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge #5


 This week's blogging challenge is about a secret in a forest.   There is a sign that says there is a secret in the forest and there is to short walks from 10-15 minutes long.  The question is what do you think the secret is? 
1. I think the secret is a secret pathway.  There is probably a pathway to a city.  

2.There may be a very nice lake also.  It may have the bluest water ever.  The water might be salt water also.

3.  It could be a huge park for all ages.  There is something to do for all people and ages. 

4. There may be a tree that has many fruits or a chocolate tree or something. 

5. There could be a large, mansion like house.  It could be 4 stories and a huge pool in his backyard.

6.There could be a big buffet restaurant of some sort.

7. There may be a very nice subdivision or neighborhood.

8.There could be a military base.  There could be helicopters and jets and a lot of stuff.

9.There could be a bunch of sports facilities. 

10.There could be a big farm with a variety of animals.  It could be a zoo like farm.  There could be a polar bear part and maybe some penguins.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I used a Pinterest board full of pictures for this blogging challenge.  I could not think of a topic and I decided to use oceans since I like the ocean.  It was kinda of a random topic but I hope you enjoy.  Here is the link to my PINTEREST BOARD

Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogging Challenge-Challenge 3


There is many things you can do sock.  But it is a little trickier with a sock with a hole.  So the question is is think of ten things you can do with a sock with a whole in it?  
 1.Make a dry erase board eraser.
 2.Make a sock puppet
 3.Make a blind fold
 4.Tape one side of the sock to a table and the other side on another side and shoot ball into the whole.
 5.Cut another whole on the front side of the sock and make a 1 eyed mask.
 6.Make a colorful creation from the sock.
 7.Make a glove with your fingers sticking out of it.
 8.Donate it to Africa.  It is better than not having socks.
 9.Put the sock up to air conditioner and point the whole toward you so the air will hit you.
10.Make a candy dispenser where can comes out of the holes.

What would you do if you with a sock with a bunch of holes?  Leave me a comment. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Blogging Challenge-Challenge 2


It is my favorite time of year, March.  Which that that means a lot of basketball.  During March, The NCAA basketball tournament.  NCAA is National Collegiate Athletic Association for you people that don't live in the U.S.  For you other countries this tournament is College Basketball or University Basketball.  They call this time of year "March Madness".  They call it this because many people go crazy over these games and take these games seriously.  Crazy things happen in the tournament.  Many teams get upset and last second buzzer beaters.  That is the type of basketball I like.  Many people fill out something called "a bracket".  In a bracket you predict who you think is going to win in each game of the tournament.  Many people just do it for the money but a real fan does it to be proud to say you won your bracket.  Tell me, who do you think is going to win the tournament this year?  For people from other countries, do you know anything about college basketball and do you think you would be interested in it?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Student Blogger Challenge


1.Andrew Luck-What was it like scoring the game winning touchdown in the final seconds against Detroit?


2.Michael Jordan-What does it feel like when people tell you that you're the best player that has ever played? 

 3.Peyton Manning-What did it feel like when you got traded to the Denver Broncos?
4.Eli Manning-What did it feel like when you won your second Super Bowl last year?
5.Ray Lewis-What did it feel like winning the Super Bowl in your final season this year? 
6.Barack Obama-What did you do to overcome everybody doubting you to win the Presidential Election
7.Martin Luther King JR.-How did you feel when segregation ended in the U.S?


8.Abraham Lincoln-Was it a hard decision to finalize your decision to end slavery? 


9.George Washington-Did it feel good when you knew you were the leader of the U.S army and you defeated the British?(First President)


10.Lebron James-What did you do after you won your first NBA title last year?